The Quick and Easy Guide to Appraising Your Own Home

by Stephen Traub, ASA

Published by Harborside Press, Newburyport, Massachusetts
Copyright © 1995 Property Valuation Advisors

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Can you appraise your own home and save hundreds of dollars? Yes, using the Quick & Easy Guide to Appraising Your Own Home SM.

This low cost booklet allows you quickly and easily to determine the value of your home yourself. You can reliably determine the value of your potentially largest asset, your home, yourself, as often as you would like for only pennies.

Until now, determining a value for your home was a time-consuming, difficult and/or expensive process. You would either have to become indebted to a real estate broker or have to gather and analyze an enormous array of data or have to pay someone to do it.

This booklet, however, shows you how to take advantage of work already performed by others. By using pre-processed information, you begin with much of the work already done.

Act now and you will be eligible to receive the booklet at only $10. We guarantee your satisfaction. You receive a one year (no-questions-asked),100% money-back guarantee.

Don't miss out on the low price. Send your name, address, and check or money order for $10 to:

Stephen Traub, ASA, Property Valuation Advisors, 63 Hill St., Newburyport, MA 01950

(Make the check payable to: Property Valuation Advisors)

P.S. Bonus Diskette! If you act now, you will receive a free PC-compatible diskette containing computerized versions of all the forms in the booklet.

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