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Property Valuation Monitor SM (PVM) originated as a printed four-page, information-packed, quarterly newsletter for those involved with commercial real estate, primarily in New England. Begun in early 1993, PVM in its printed version was distributed to bank, mortgage, and insurance company lending and appraisal personnel; brokers; assessors; appraisers; real estate publishers, academicians, appraisal regulatory board members; and others involved in commercial real estate and/or appraisal.

Now available on the Web and by e-mail, PVM issues include reviews of newly-released real estate and appraisal texts, journals, magazines, newsletters and other periodicals. Also featured are real estate trends and news, and a bundle of serious and not-so-serious opinions and topics.

Each issue of PVM also contains an up-to-date vacancy survey of northern New England's larger cities including Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Salem, NH, as well as Portland, South Portland and Kittery, ME. Vacancy categories include regional malls, shopping centers, restaurants, banks, gas stations, and others.

Also included in each issue is a current survey of commercial mortgage rates and terms including loan-to-value and debt-service-coverage ratios covering a wide range of banks primarily in New England.

Current and Previous Issues of Property Valuation Monitor SM

For a free printed or e-mail copy of PVM: E-mail: [Mailbox] Certain individuals may qualify for a free on-going subscription.

[New] For your convenience, we've recently added a Bookstore. It includes most of the real estate appraisal texts, books, and booklets that you will find reviewed in PVM. Now, however, they are available on-line in one place.

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