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What Do We Do?

We provide individual (and portfolio) commercial real estate appraisals, mass appraisal, and consulting services with a personal touch in a timely manner.

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For Whom?

Potential clients include pension fund portfolio managers, REITs, institutional investors, asset management companies, portfolio managers, real estate lenders, CFOs, corporate lawyers, municipal lawyers, litigation lawyers, divorce lawyers, commercial real estate lawyers, arbitrators, financial planners, condemnation and other governmental agencies, corporate planners, independent investors, property owners, property managers, tenants, municipal assessors and individuals or entities with broad-based real estate interests.

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On What Property Types?

We appraise, consult and advise on complex investment/commercial property or unusual, special-use properties. We have experience appraising and consulting on the following property types:

Industrial (Special Purpose)

Hydroelectric Plants; Trash-to-Energy Plants; Electrical Generation and Transmission Property; Truck Terminals; Cement Plants; Paper Manufacturing Plants; Post Offices; UPS Facilities, Cold Storage; Quarries and Sand & Gravel Operations; Newspaper Production Facilities; Corporate Headquarters; Airplane Hangars; Wineries, Bottling Plants; Food Processing Plants; Broadcast Facilities (Radio and TV); Telephone Buildings; Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities; Tank Farms (Oil and Gas); Gas Transmission Pipelines; Self-Storage Facilities; Communication Towers and Sites; and Cable TV Property


Super-Regional Malls; Regional Malls; Regional Shopping Centers; Superstores; Outlet Centers; Warehouse Discount Clubs; Department Stores; Supermarkets; Discount Stores; Community Centers; Local Strip Centers; Freestanding; Convenience Stores; Furniture Showrooms and Warehousing; Mixed Use Facilities; Laundromats; and Laundry Facilities

Residential and Hospitality

Apartment Complexes (Market & Subsidized); Assisted Living Facilities; Congregate Care; Continuing Care Facilities; Skilled Nursing Facilities; Halfway/Group Care Houses; Hospitals (Private and Public); Dormitories; Hotels; Motels; Inns; Bed & Breakfasts; YMCAs; YWCAs; Mobil Home Parks; Summer Camps; Fraternity Houses; Rectories; and Funeral Homes

Industrial (General Purpose)

Light Industrials, R&D Properties; Mill Buildings; Heavy Industrials; and Warehouses

Office and Financial Institutions

Multi-Tenant Offices; Single Tenant Offices; Office Condos; Medical/Professional Office Buildings; Medical Office Condos; Branch Banks; and Banking Headquarters


Fast Food (National Chain); Restaurant (Full-Service Chain and Independent); Donut Shops (National Chain); Cocktail Lounges; Cafeterias; Taverns and Bars; and Fast Food (Snack Bar/Take-Out)


Gas and Service Stations, Automated Car Washes; Complete Auto Dealerships; Self-Service Car Washes; Used Car Facilities, Auto Repair and Service Facilities; Mini-lube Facilities; Parking Garages; and Parking Lots

Other Special-Use

Amusement Parks; Bowling Alleys; Movie Theatres; Ice Rinks; Roller Skating Rinks; Driving Ranges; Go-Cart Tracks; Miniature Golf Courses; Country Clubs; Golf Courses; Marinas; Riding Arenas; Health/Fitness Clubs; Tennis Clubs; Racquetball Clubs; Ski Areas, Fraternal Buildings; Churches and Synagogues; Auditoriums; Museums; Public Schools; Colleges; Day Care Centers; Libraries; and Gymnasiums

Special Interests

Historical and Conservation Easements; Transportation and Utility Corridors, and Rights of Way; Partial Takings; Contaminated and Stigmatized Properties; Landfills; Easements; and Partial (Minority) Interests


Subdivisions; Developments; Acreage; Ground Leases; Commercial Pads; and Individual Lots

Mass Appraisal

Municipal-Wide, Commercial Property Revaluations and Mass Appraisal Projects and Updates; and Project Monitoring and Quality Control of Mass Appraisal Projects

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Where Do We Do It?

We focus on a narrow three-state region: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. By remaining focused, we have gained unparalleled depth of experience in this market. As a result, we have developed superior knowledge and have developed a reputation for providing superior services in our market.

Moreover, our in-depth, regional expertise is enhanced through the affiliation with other regionally-focused, multi-disciplinary practitioners, including machinery and equipment appraisers, financial analysts, engineers, building contractors, and business appraisers (as required).

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Why Do We Do It?

We perform appraisal and consulting services for the following purposes:

Expert court testimony for bankruptcy, condemnation, gift and estate valuation, property tax issues, acquisition, disposition, easements, rights-of-way, and zoning matters; mediation/arbitration; estate tax or settlement; gift tax; financial planning; matrimonial (pre-nuptial agreements); mortgage (first mortgage, second mortgage, refinance); partnership dissolution; corporate planning; highest & best use analysis; fair market rental agreements between landlords and tenants; portfolio analysis and valuations; portfolio quality assurance audits; insurable value; replacement cost studies; feasibility, marketability studies, and absorption analysis; fee simple valuation; leased fee valuation; leasehold valuation; DCF analysis; retrospective values; appraisal review; advisory and consulting services; due diligence; market data studies; internal development; and customized services.

Moreover, we aid municipalities (and mass appraisal firms) in performing mass appraisals. We are available to perform appraisals or analysis, revaluation monitoring, quality control, project planning, or other aspects of the mass appraisal function.

In summary, no two properties are alike, nor are two client's needs alike. Your needs are unique, and our services can be adapted to fit your needs.

We, therefore, offer a full array of options including Complete and Limited Scope Appraisals written as either Restricted Use (or Oral), Summary, or Self-Contained Reports or mass appraisal services in conformance with USPAP Standard 6.

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Why Choose Us?

Education and Experience

Stephen Traub, ASA, the Principal Appraiser for Property Valuation Advisors is Harvard/MIT educated and is noted for his accurate, reliable, and clear reports. He is a seasoned appraiser with 25+ years of real estate appraisal experience. He operates with no trainees. For you, this means you get thoroughness and accuracy -- with no rookie mistakes.

Stephen also holds the professional designation, ASA, in Real Property from the American Society of Appraisers. This means he has been tested and accredited and has the necessary experience to hold this Senior Membership.

Moreover, as a Senior Member of the ASA, Stephen has access if necessary to other multi-disciplinary practitioners who are also Senior Members, including machinery and equipment appraisers, financial analysts, technical valuation experts, construction cost estimators, and business appraisers. He can create and manage a team of the best valuation individuals available, if necessary, to complete complex valuation tasks employing a functionally diverse team of valuation experts.

With all this experience, we can identify potential valuation issues up-front and investigate how they may effect a property's value rather than have you find out too late that a crucial valuation issue was not considered. This has been a key to our success and your assurance of thoroughness and accuracy.

Each report will follow Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), Appraisal Institute, and American Society of Appraisers standards, and will be non-biased, as comprehensive as is necessary, yet clear and supported by primary market research, objective analyses, and seasoned judgment.

Extensive Real Estate and Appraisal Library

In addition, we pride ourselves in maintaining one of the most extensive appraisal libraries of real estate and appraisal books, journals, magazines, and newsletters, as well as on-line access to fast breaking real estate news (and archives) covering various market segments. In fact, we have our own on-line bookstore with in-depth objective book reviews. We continually update our knowledge both inside the classroom and outside to keep abreast of changes and trends in the industry.

In addition, our in-house databases and files provide another level of information that adds to our depth of primary information on realty transactions, market rents, vacancy, expenses, and discount and capitalization rates, construction costs, and mortgage and equity rates on a variety of property types.

We are, therefore, able to benchmark ("reality check") property performance "actuals" and our forecasts against predominant industry standards and performance ratios.

Our Own Newsletter

In addition, every quarter we make available to a wide array of real estate professionals, our newsletter, Property Valuation Monitor (PVM). PVM includes summaries of our research, often on vacancy and mortgage rates as well as other analysis of the market. It helps those in the commercial real estate industry determine investment prospects for various property types in our market area by providing topical information with in-depth reviews of newly available publications. This lets you know we are staying on top of the pertinent issues that could affect the property values with which you are concerned.


When the timing is right, we employ technology that benefits our clients. For example, we now use in-house digital cameras, scanners, and digital maps. Coupled with our state-of-the-art six color photo-quality printing capability, we can provide you with breathtaking yet meaningful graphics that are worth a thousand words. Our digitized exhibits and photos can't "walk away" should you or we require access to them later.

Moreover, you need not be concerned about outside vendors (graphic or photo processing) delaying your report or losing necessary photo negatives or source prints. These are all digitized now for fast and easy retrieval and high quality reproduction all within our office.

These benefits mean that we not only can deliver accurate, thorough, and user-friendly appraisal reports and valuation consulting, but also we can deliver them in a timely, responsive, and efficient manner.

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How Do You Contact Us?

We offer a free initial consultation in which we can help you define the problem and then create the solution that will aid you with your real estate valuation and consulting needs.

If this sounds good, you may contact our office listed below for further information.

Stephen Traub, ASA
Property Valuation Advisors
63 Hill St.
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel. 978-462-4347
Fax 978-465-2708

P.S. Your inquiries and all of the work that we do for you are strictly confidential. Our past performance has helped us to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Our satisfied clients are the best sign that we are doing something right. We invite you to become one of our satisfied clients as well.

P.P.S. We are proficient with most real estate valuation software packages including ProJect, Argus, Excel, Access, Parodox, MS Word, WordPerfect, Lotus, and others.

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