Residential Real Estate Appraisal Books (Part B)

Appraising Residential Properties (Third Edition)

Published by the Appraisal Institute, 1999, Hardcover, 454 Pages, ISBN: 0922154570

[Cover] By presenting up-to-date, practical information in a readable and comprehensive format, this book will help residential appraisers meet the challenges of increased regulation and competition and stay at the forefront of their profession.

This popular text includes everything you need to develop a complete understanding of the appraisal of residential properties. From the basics of property inspection to preparation of the final appraisal report, the book provides step-by-step instructions on the valuation process.

The third edition clarifies the appraiser's involvement in performing environmental risk assessments. A chart comparing the three appraisal formats: 1) self-contained, 2) summary, and 3) restricted, is provided so the appraiser can select the one that matches the requirements and scope of the assignment. Information on certification and licensing is also presented.

The text explains how and why different financing techniques are used when market conditions change. Revisions to the chapters on the sales comparison approach give readers insights into deriving adjustments to comparable sales and alternatives to paired data analysis techniques. The book also breaks new ground by exploring ways to address entrepreneurial profit in the cost approach and sheds light on combining methods of estimating depreciation.

The most authoritative, clear, and comprehensive text on appraising residential property available.

Appraising Residential Properties is available on-line at Barnes and Noble.

Houses: The Illustrated Guide to Construction, Design & Systems (Second Edition)

by Henry S. Harrison, MAI, RM, Published by Dearborn F, 1991, Paperback, 436 pages, ISBN: 0793103320

Originally published 17 years ago, this classic book has had amazing longevity. In clear language, it begins with a look at communities, neighborhoods and sites, then delves into the details of interior and exterior house design and styles (covering 59 residential styles with illustrations).

The book covers the construction of a house, the materials that make up a house and the mechanical systems (heating, plumbing, and electric). An essential reference tool for residential appraisers and brokers.

Houses: The Illustrated Guide to Construction, Design & Systems is available on-line at a discount at Barnes and Noble.

Communicating the Appraisal: The Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report (Second Edition)

by Arlen C. Mills, MAI, SRA, and Dorothy Z. Mills, SRA, Published by the Appraisal Institute, 1995, Spiral-Bound, 87 Pages, ISBN: 0922154228

This updated text will answer your questions about the condominium appraisal report form (Freddie Mac Form 465/Fannie Mae Form 1073).

Like the previous guide, this second edition provides line-by-line instructions as well as detailed information on the reasoning behind individual entries. Handy compliance tips are included to highlight what underwriters and regulators are looking for in the appraisals they review. Every aspect of valuing condominium units is covered here in specific, easy-to-understand terms.

Communicating the Appraisal: The Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report is available on-line at Barnes and Noble.

Exam Preparation for Residential Appraiser Certification

by William B. Rayburn, SRPA, DBA (Editor), Published by the Appraisal Institute, 1991, Paperback, 280 pages, ISBN: 0793101123

A comprehensive, yet concise exam review that will prepare appraisers for the state residential appraisal certification exam. All of the key concepts and information covered by the new state exams are discussed in detail.

Chapters on types of value, highest and best use analysis, standards and ethics, statistics, site valuation, valuation of partial interests, and the three approaches to value are included.

Features 500 questions and two sample exams.

Exam Preparation for Residential Appraiser Certification is available on-line at Barnes and Noble.

ABC of Architecture

by James F. O'Gorman, Dennis E. McGrath (Illustrator), Paperback, Published by University of Pennsylvania P, 1997, 144 pages, ISBN: 0812216318

[Cover] If you've ever wondered about arches, domes, or the importance of concrete, the book has the answers for which you were looking. One of the best-written works on the subject for the uninitiated, ABC of Architecture is a concise yet insightful introduction to the grammar of architecture.

The book also includes a glossary of architectural terms.

ABC of Architecture is available on-line at Barnes and Noble.

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