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WELCOME TO Property Valuation Advisors' Real Estate Information SuperDriveway SM. Here you will find Real Estate Firsts, Great Real Estate and Appraisal Publications, Free Commercial Real Estate and Appraisal Publications, and the Web's best Commercial Real Estate and Appraisal Web Sites.

In addition, you will find Population Information, the best Free Software, The World's Greatest Quotes, C-o-o-l Web Sites, Worst Web Sites, a few informative and useful Residential Real Estate Web Sites, The World's Greatest Recipe, and a bit of Historic Boston Real Estate.

Warning: Beware of bicycles strewn in the Driveway SM. Otherwise, enjoy yourself!

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P.P.S. [New] Also we've added a Bookstore of Real Estate Appraisal Texts, Books, and Booklets, which now are available to you all in one place.

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